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Military Testimonials

I want to say thank you for making a product that literally changed my life. It’s because of your machine that I am able to prove my neurosurgeon wrong. Read More ›

—Chris Stevens

I am currently stationed in Germany. Active duty Air Force. I initially became involved with the Concept2 online community through CrossFit. Starting in November 2014, I decided to start a million meter challenge which is to be completed within a year. Read More ›

—Daniel Lawson

In the photo, I am paddling the Upper Missouri River in 2012. My son and I did the first and most picturesque 400 miles. The rest of the Missouri is still on my bucket list.
I purchased a Model D Indoor Rower years ago for exercise and weight control. I am a retired US parachute infantryman with a bad back, neck and prosthetic knees to show for 28 years of service.
Concept2 is the best non-impact exercise I can manage, and I'm closing in on 2 million meters. Read More ›

—Larry White

Rowing on the Concept2 is a fabulous exercise especially in high-threat environments where it is not possible to run or bike. The Concept2 rowers are also suitable for locations where power problems make devices such as treadmills risky and dangerous. Read More ›