Oar Handle & Grips - Sweep & Scull | Custom Wood and Composite Oars

Handle Options

We offer composite and wood handles for sweep and scull.

Choose a Handle, Then Choose a Grip

Once you’ve selected your handle, you’ll need to choose a grip. The grip options available to you depend on the shaft and handle you choose. The diameter will vary depending on the handle or handle/grip combination. So, choose a handle, and then move on to our Scull Grip Options or Sweep Grip Options pages to learn more and choose your grip. Alternatively, we also sell wooden handles without grips.

Composite Handles

Our composite handle is the lightest handle we offer. It is available for sweep and scull as either fixed length or as part of our Length Adjustment System.

Length Adjustment System

Our Length Adjustment System uses a bonded composite handle with a structural outside grip that is capable of a 5 cm range of length adjustment.

Unique features:

  • Simple three-step process adjusts oar length.
  • Redundant design for safety: The grip is keyed to the handle to prevent rotation.
  • Continuous choice of settings over the entire five centimeter range. Each turn of the adjusting screw results in a length change of approximately 0.25 centimeters.
  • Oars are marked at the handle to indicate overall length of the oar in centimeters.
  • Worn grips or damaged parts are easily replaced.
  • Low-stress, wiggle-free connection withstands heavy use and extends the life of the handle.

Fixed Length

Fixed length composite handles are available in:

  • One size for sweep. This option is not available for the Skinny shaft.
  • Narrow or medium for sculls.

Choose fixed length handles only if you are certain you will not need to change the length of your oars.

Wood Handles

Our traditional basswood handle is available for fixed length oars only. The wood handle is available in small (39 mm), medium (42 mm) or large (45 mm) for sweep. It is also available for sculls by special request.