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Injury Rehab Testimonials

I want to thank your company for making the equipment that turned me into what my orthopedic surgeon calls a "medical miracle." He has never seen a patient recuperate so quickly from a total knee replacement. I could walk without crutches two days after surgery, drive my car in ten days and was totally off pain medication in two weeks. It's been six weeks now, and I'm still not perfect but I'm getting there. Read More ›

—Amy Vander Stoep Karraker

I look forward to the Holiday Challenge every year, and not only because it helps to keep the fat off. It’s such a wonderful fund-raising effort, and you’ve done a magnificent job of making it even better for the 20th. Read More ›

—David Hafner

Truthfully, this is better than any equipment I used at my physical therapy gym for three months after surgery. Read More ›

—Margaret Gualtieri

I want to say thank you for making a product that literally changed my life. It’s because of your machine that I am able to prove my neurosurgeon wrong. Read More ›

—Chris Stevens

Thank You for putting out the absolute BEST product that enabled me to keep my endurance and met-con up without putting stress on my joints and ankle in particular. Read More ›

—Shawn Ramirez

There are just not enough good things I can say about your products, your outstanding customer service and your company. Read More ›

—John Warkala

I am a 60 year old retired mail carrier and veteran. I was led into rowing by my daughter Allison, a personal trainer and life coach, because of my multiple knee surgeries. She educated me about the non-traumatic yet challenging workouts available with the Concept2 Indoor Rower. I can say it is paying off in lost fat and gained strength. Read More ›

—Walter Dean

I used to row at the gym regularly until I broke my collarbone skiing early this year. Instead of going back to gym again, I decided to buy a Concept2 and started rowing at home. I now try and make about 40-50km every week and mark my progress on a map on the wall. I crossed Lake Ontario and am now rowing along the St. Lawrence River around Quebec City. I’ll head south and follow the shoreline once I make it to the Atlantic Ocean. Read More ›

—Cuneyt Karul

Thank you all at Concept2 for your website and the information on weight loss. Read More ›

—Robin Sweet

I had to give up jogging (knees) and started using the indoor rower there. I returned home, purchased one and have been rowing regularly since. Read More ›

—Vance Millar

I have used other Concept2 ergs in the past but felt that the new design would be more fluid and balanced. I was not disappointed. Read More ›

—Jon Grand

I first saw the Concept2 demo'd in IMPACT fitness mag. Prior to purchase, I briefly tried out another Concept2 model in a fitness store. I could tell that the Concept2 was well made, and I was more impressed with it than the other models they had available. Now I love my rower. It was what I'd expected. When rowing, I usually close my eyes and envision being on the water. Listening to music helps me keep a beat. I find it to be very meditative and a great stress reliever. I haven't used it as much as I wanted to, or would have, to date. Read More ›

—Carol Perlau

When I started rowing I had a shoulder problem that doctors had worked on for some time and in spite of x-rays, injections with cortisone and exercises it did not get better, the pain was waking me up at night; this was a real problem, however as soon as I started rowing, instead of aggravating it, the problem disappeared. That was the first step in my recovery. I decided rowing was going to replace my running, swimming and other activities, and I became addicted to this form of exercise. Read More ›

—Stan Brierly

Last summer I twisted my ankle, which resulted in diminished summer activity. I took that as a warning that I should be more proactive with an exercise program. I dusted off my rowing machine and began a slow but steady rowing program. I will probably remain at the bottom of the list for the 5,000 meters in my age group, but I continue to row daily. Read More ›

—Eleanor Lincoln

Having been inspired by these rowers and having knackered my knees through running, I bought a Concept2. I try to bash out about 3 x 10,000 metre rows each week and in doing this I lost nearly three stone in nine months. My MS has been in remission for 5 years, and I feel sure that keeping fit must help. Read More ›

—Robert Platts

The C2 gives me enough leg work so I can do my annual 26.2 mile walk for the Jimmy Fund. Read More ›

—Brian Richards

I started using the C2 a couple years ago after rupturing my Achilles tendon while playing tennis. The C2 helped me recover from my accident, and it is now my primary source of exercise beyond walking and jogging. Occasionally I get out on the water to scull. Read More ›

—Dave Schneider

I work as a physical therapist. I find that the Concept 2 rowing ergometer is an essential part of any exercise program to help strengthen your back, while at the same time also giving you a fantastic cardiovascular workout. On a personal note, it helps keep me fit for dancing, Tango and Waltz, since the women partners are always in such great shape. Read More ›


Like so many I started erging when the knees wouldn't let me run anymore. I found Concept2 via a New York Times ad over 10 years ago and I'm glad I did. My main exercise form is cycling (I did 5 centuries and almost 5000 miles in 2004) but when the evenings get too short for that, and I'm not ready to ride my rollers in the basement I take the erg out. I enjoy trying to climb up the ranking lists. Read More ›

—Jim Rech

I am a 34 year old physical therapist. I started to row about 2 years ago trying to get back in shape after a knee surgery. I was hooked from the beginning. I always did a lot of cardiovascular training but when I sit on the C2 to do my workout I get such a feeling of wellness that I had never felt before. Read More ›

—Martine Sauve