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Indoor Rower Covers

Need a little extra protection for your RowErg or indoor rower? We’ve got you covered!

Made of polyester/vinyl laminate with velcro tabs at the bottom edge, our covers are water-resistant and provide protection from dust and dirt. They are not designed to provide full weather or heat protection for machines that are stored outside. Both covers are rot-resistant and easy to clean.

1520 Cover

14 oz cover for use with the RowErg (with standard or tall legs) and Model A, B, C, or D Indoor Rowers.

Not compatible for use with the Dynamic or Model E Indoor Rower.

Price: ¥200.00
Part number: 1520

1554 Cover

10 oz cover for use with Model E Indoor Rowers only.

Not intended for use with the RowErg with tall legs (purchase the 1520 cover instead).

Price: ¥880.00
Part number: 1554

Indoor Rower Cover
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