How To Buy

For nearly 30 years, we've been making the Concept2 Indoor Rower and selling it direct from our factory in Vermont. You can now buy the Indoor Rower now directly from us in China.

With a choice of the Model D or Model E, you can pick the indoor rower that best suits your preferences and budget. Need help deciding? Use the links below for more information, or send us an email.

Ordering Indoor Rowers

Please contact our agency in Shanghai, China:

Bohdi Trading
Contact person: Livia Yan
Building 15, 3F, 271 Qianyang Road
Shanghai 200063 China
Tel: 0086.21.5266.9002
Fax: 86.21.5266.9016

The delivery time takes usually between 5 and 10 working days for Indoor Rowers. The delivery time for oars is around 10 weeks. Payment terms are: cash in advance or cash on delivery (for Shanghai area only).

Prices (including 17% VAT and delivery within China to major cities)

New pricing 8/10/2012

Product Price
Model D with PM3 CNY 8,700
Model D with PM4 CNY 10,500
Model E with PM4 CNY 12,600
Dynamic with PM3 CNY 12,500
Dynamic with PM4 CNY 14,000

Ordering Oars

Concept2 oars are built-to-order and are ordered direct from Concept2 in the US.

To order:

  1. Choose your components.
  2. Use the ordering guides to make note of your selections. Visit Oar Options for more information.
  3. Complete your ordering guide and email it to Terry Laskey at or call Terry on 091 802 888 6333, extension 3022.

Prices (excluding VAT and delivery)

Product Price
Sculls (pair) $490 USD plus shipping
Low-i sculls (pair) $545 USD plus shipping
Sweep oar (single) $330 USD plus shipping
Skinny Oars
Sculls (pair) Extra Soft Skinny Shaft $610 USD plus shipping
Sculls (pair) Soft Skinny Shaft $640 USD plus shipping
Sculls (pair) Medium Skinny Shaft $670 USD plus shipping
Sweep oar (single) Extra Soft Skinny Shaft $390 USD plus shipping
Sweep oar (single) Soft Skinny Shaft $425 USD plus shipping
Sweep oar (single) Medium Skinny Shaft $460 USD plus shipping

Note: The prices of sweeps and sculls made with Skinny shafts reflect the additional high-modulus carbon required to tune the stiffness of the Skinny shaft.

Bodhi Trading

In order to provide you with our high quality products and services at the lowest possible price we have teamed with the following partners who will be responsible for the different aspects of the business:

Bohdi Trading is a Shanghai based agency who C2 has had trustful and reliable business relationship with for over five years. They will be responsible for providing the following services for you in China:

Importing the Indoor Rowers from the USA into China; logistics within China; collecting the money from our customers; providing after sales service.

If you want to buy Concept2 products and are not from the Chinese mainland, you can find your local dealer on the website.